What Robin Does

Robin empowers people to connect to their purpose and the dreams God has given them.  The topics he teaches are of vital importance for anyone who wants to be all they’ve been created to be.


He developed a burning passion for teaching these important topics while serving as a Pastor in Canada.  During his years there he observed that many people knew they are meant to do certain things, but they were never taught how to do them.


Robin enjoys journeying through the deep riches of Scripture and invites others to join him along the way.

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You Are What You Think

Your thoughts define your life. You’ll have over 15,000 of them today. Will you take them captive and experience the renewing of your mind?

Watch Your Mouth

Be careful what you say. Your words are more powerful than you ever realised. Today you will create, build-up, or destroy with your words. Which will you choose?

Great Reception

It’s easier to hear what someone is saying when you have great reception. Learn techniques you can use every day to hear what God is saying to you.

God’s Will = Great News

Never get anxious about figuring out God’s Will for your life again! Pay attention to 3 HUGE clues in your life and you can engage with your purpose today!.

See Robin in action

A short video clip of Robin speaking


Meaningful & Entertaining

Having heard Robin speak on more than one occasion, I can honestly say that I have been blown away with his ability not only to engage in a meaningful and entertaining way, but to deliver solid, theologically sound information that is relevant and applicable to his audience.

– Byron

Gave Me Permission To Dream Again

When Robin spoke about taking control of your thoughts and about the power of a dream it is like I was given permission to once again make those far off plans and DREAM.


God used Robin to energize me and change me from falling into the trap of settling for being just a senior to being an older woman who still has a great purpose.

– Lorry

Relevant to Real Life

It is my privilege to recommend Robin Abrol as a speaker to you. He is a gifted, creative communicator who holds the attention of his audience. He excels at making his presentations relevant, practical and applicable to real life. His engaging personal style connects to a wide and diverse demographic.

– Pastor OJ Zerbin

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Popular Topics

You Are What You Think

Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body. The Bible teaches us to harness its power by renewing our minds and taking our thoughts captive. Learn effective techniques in this series of talks by Robin.

Watch Your Mouth

The power of life and death is in the tongue. What sort of words come out of your mouth? Do you build up or tear down? Do you speak life, or death? What words do you use when you talk to yourself?

Great Reception

This is a talk for anyone that wants to hear God’s voice. Jesus taught that His sheep listen to His voice. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your reception when it comes to hearing God, this talk is for you.

God’s Will = Great News

Ever wondered about God’s will for your life? Many people get confused or stuck on this issue. But you don’t have to! Discover the best news ever about the will of God in your life and connect with your purpose.

Learn To Discern

An important aspect of listening to God is having the ability to determine what is His voice and what is your own. It is a skill we can all develop. Robin shares specific techniques you can implement beginning today .

An Important Formula

You didn’t learn it in school – but you’ll wish you had. It is a simple formula the results of which are seen throughout the Bible. You experience the effects of it on a daily basis. Put it into action to experience transformation!